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The following descriptions are a quick list of possible volunteer opportunities with Avalon. If you have other ideas or positions in mind, please let us know.  We are very flexible, and always looking for new ideas.  We appreciate all of the help you are able to give us, and will work with you to find times and positions that will work with your schedule, as we want to make sure that your volunteering experience with Avalon is rewarding and enjoyable for you.

Administrative Support

Helping Avalon staff with various tasks including fundraising and office support, such as answering phones, filing paperwork, data entry, assisting with mailings, and receiving and distributing donations.

Maintenance and Property Upkeep

Helping to maintain the grounds and buildings on the Main Office campus.  This can include helping with repairs, cleaning and/or painting buildings, moving furniture, lawn mowing and landscaping, and installation projects.

Special Events

Helping to plan, coordinate, manage, and attend special events with staff.  This could include speeches, fundraisers, and donor cultivation events, as well as organizing and planning for holidays, such as coordinating gift drives for Christmas.


Watching children while their mothers are still on property, giving the mothers time to get tasks, such searching for jobs or writing a resume, or for relaxation and respite.  Childcare can include many activities, including arts and crafts, reading, playing outside.  This can also include mentoring and tutoring children. CPR certification is required. 

Life Skills Teacher

Life skills classes are offered, and are a chance to offer and teach your skills to the residents of the emergency shelter and transitional housing.  Ideas for classes can be discussed. Past classes have included parenting classes, cooking on a budget, stress management, and more.

Translation and Interpretation

Translating documents from English into different languages appropriate to our shelter’s needs. Helping to interpret for shelter residents for whom English is a second language, making sure they understand Avalon policies, and that we at Avalon understand their needs, wants, and goals.

Court Advocate

Accompanies survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault as they go through the courts and legal system. This can include going to court with survivors, helping with police reports, and acting as a source of information and support.

Shelter Advocate

Helps as an assistant to shelter staff, working with them as an extra set of hands. This can include helping with intakes, taking Helpline calls, working with shelter residents to help meet their goals and giving them support.

Hospital Accompaniment

Avalon has a team of trained staff and volunteers on call 24-hours a day to go to local hospitals to provide advocacy and accompaniment for survivors in need of medical attention. Hospital accompaniment advocates are there solely to support the survivor, helping walk the survivor through the process, and to make sure their needs are met and desires respected. Volunteers are an integral part of our on-call advocacy team and will be trained in trauma informed-care, sexual assault response, hospital accompaniment, and advocacy skills. This opportunity is well suited to people with 10 or more years of experience in the workforce.


For more information about internships, contact Rachel Widenhouse at rachelw@avaloncenter.org

Special Projects

Some volunteer opportunities do not fall precisely into one of the categories above; these opportunities and projects will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

For more information, please contact Rachel Widenhouse  at rachelw@avaloncenter.org




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Testimonial 11

"The help from the staff was exceptionally well. Everyone was professional, knowledgeable and helpful. The service from this organization is great!"

Testimonial 12

"The positive experiences I had with the program is the grounding techniques and the ability to focus and understand who I am as an individual a person. That my past does not define me."

Testimonial 10

"I was able to have a clean safe environment and meet others that are in similar situation letting me know I am not alone. My needs and concerns were met promptly and I was treated with dignity and respect."

Testimonial 9

Staff welcomed me back without "shaming" me for having to come back."

Testimonial 8

"I came in with nothing- no home- no money- no shelter at all. I left with a job, food and my very own apartment. Thanks to Avalon!"

Testimonial 7

"The positive experience I have had with Avalon and the services they offered me is the interaction that I now have with me. I am able to love me and love others. To be able to interact with other women in my life and around me. Seeing the beauty in women and their strength. I am an overcomer and Avalon helped me to own and claim that."

Testimonial 6

"The shelter assisted my family with a safe environment to reside while moving forward with our lives. Staff has always been helpful when needed and my children participate in the programs available to them. I was an all around good experience for us."

Testimonial 3

I really have no idea what I could have done if Avalon didn’t accept me or exist.

Testimonial 2

Without Avalon’s shelter… I probably would have stayed in the relationship because I had no where else to go. This seems to be the trend for women who are abused. I may have lost my life.

Testimonial 1

I usually do not talk to anyone about our problems at home and I just plow through the crappy part and try to forget it. But coming here I just got a break and talking to your staff just let me get my frustrations out and vent my fears… Thank you for listening and thank you for allowing us to stay in a protected space.

Testimonial 5

"When I "messed up" one time, they were not judgmental, they helped me. I give all the praise in world. They believed in me and gave me a second chance."

Testimonial 4

"I thank God each and every day for Avalon and their staff, for God only knows where I would be today without Avalon."


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