• Feb 14, 17
  • Priscilla.Caldwell

Provide Support to Survivors of Sexual Assault

We believe that emergency care for sexual assault should be healing, not traumatizing—and we’re looking for more hospital accompaniment volunteers to help make that a reality.  Avalon Center provides hospital accompaniment to survivors of sexual assault who seek medical attention or support.  At the hospital, survivors can choose whether or not to take legal action and if they wish to undergo an examination for physical evidence.  The advocate helps provide information about such decisions and supports survivors in their choices and throughout their hospital visit.  

Oftentimes this visit to the emergency room is made alone, and survivors require the support of their advocates during examinations.  In the days following an assault, survivors have difficulty recounting their experience again and again.  Accompaniment advocates help survivors record the facts of the event so repeated questioning won’t occur.  With this information, the advocate can also help coordinate the appropriate response and follow up on the survivor’s behalf. 

We are seeking volunteers in our service area, including Williamsburg, Poquoson, York, James City, Charles City, and New Kent.  Volunteers will be an integral part of an on-call advocacy team and will be trained in trauma informed-care, sexual assault response, hospital accompaniment, and advocacy skills. This opportunity is well suited to people with 10 or more years of experience in the workforce. 

To apply, please visit our website at www.avaloncenter.org/how-you-can-help#Volunteer or call Augusta at (757)258-5022.